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Hefin Williams

Associate Head of Early Years Education

Early Years Education

Department: Early Years Education

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Hefin completed her BA Hons Economics degree in 1989 and subsequently went on to do a PGCE in primary education specialising in early years. She completed her probationary teaching year in an inner city school in Cardiff. The school was in a low socio economic area. After completing her probationary year she moved to London where she spent the next 8 years teaching in Islington. The school was situated on the Islington/Hackney border and had high numbers of children who spoke English as an additional language and high numbers of children with special educational needs. In 1998 she came to Edge Hill to take up a position as SL in primary and early years maths and subsequently in 2013 took up her current position as BA Hons Early Years Education with QTS Programme Leader.