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Dr Peter Langford

Senior Lecturer in Law

Law, Criminology & Policing

Dr Peter Langford

Department: Law, Criminology & Policing

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Dr Peter Langford was appointed as a Lecturer in Law in 2004. He became a Senior Lecturer in Law in 2006/07. Prior to this, he has worked in academic positions in France and Poland. In France he worked, for two years, as a Maître de Langue, at the Centre de Télé-Enseignment Universitaire, University of Nancy II (now University of Lorraine). In Poland, he worked, for two years, as a Lecturer in Philosophy, in the Department of Philosophy, University of Wroc?aw, Poland. He undertakes research in the areas of human rights and legal theory. In the area of human rights, his research has concentrated upon the relationship between non-nationals and the European Convention on Human Rights. In the area of legal theory, his current research concentrates upon two main areas. The first is the work of the Italian contemporary philosopher, Roberto Esposito; and the second is the work of Hans Kelsen and Max Weber.