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Dr Linda Kaye

Associate Head of Dept. Knowledge Exchange & Marketing




I completed my PhD in Psychology in 2011 at the University of Central Lancashire on the topic of “Motivations, experiences and outcomes of playing videogames”.  I have since worked in the Department of Psychology at Edge Hill University since 2011, starting out as a Lecturer, and subsequently was promoted to Senior Lecturer, and then Reader in Psychology in November 2020 and most recently, Associate Head of Psychology (Knowledge Exchange and Reputation) in August 2022.

My expertise is in the exciting area of cyberpsychology which largely refers to the psychology of online behaviour. I have an extensive publication record and engage in a range of external engagement activities to promote the field of cyberpsychology to the general public, the media and businesses.

Research Interests

My research interests broadly explore how online worlds affect our everyday experiences and behaviour, and the extent to which we can understand human psychology from studying people’s online behaviour.

I am broadly interested in the following issues:

Conceptual questions

  • How “social” is social media?
  • Expressions of social identity in online language (led by Beth Thomas)
  • Are emoji emotional?

Applied interests

  • Maximising science communication
  • Digital games with a purpose and receptivity to mental health messages (led by Chris Leech)


I really enjoy supporting the learning of others, and I am nominated for awards for teaching, student support and/or supervision, largely on an annual basis. Most recently, I was shortlisted in the national Find A Masters Supervisor of the Year Award out of more than 200 nominations. 

These are modules I currently work on:

PSY3131: Psychology in the Virtual World

EDP2004: The Psychology of Teaching, Learning and Instruction

PSY3135: Psychology Dissertation

THE7001: Exploring Practice in Teaching and Learning

THE7002: Curriculum Design for Learning

THE7003: Developing Practice through Pedagogic Research

Supervision: MRes Psychology

Supervision: PhD Psychology