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Dr Emmie Malewezi

SL in Nurse Education

Nursing & Midwifery



Emmie is a Registered  Nurse who has worked as a Stroke Specialist Nurse and Stroke Unit Ward Manager in the NHS for over 17 years. Based in higher edication since 2018, she contributes to the delivery of curriculum relevant to adult nursing, long term conditions and research. Emmie is a member of the World Stroke Organisation, African Stroke Organisation and UK Stroke Nursing Forum. She was involved and contributed to the development of the London Stroke Nursing Competency Booklet which is currently used to train and assess stroke nurses across London. Emmie is part of the UK-Malawi stroke partnership, a group of enthusiastic stroke experts who established the first ever stroke unit in 2022 in Blantyre, Malawi. She also collaborates with OSCAIL (Organised Stroke Care Across Income Levels) investigators who are piloting the feasibility of implemennting key elements of stroke care in low resource settings. 

Research Interests

Emmie’s research interest focus on stroke care in particular acute stroke nursing and the care provided to stroke survivors and their family caregivers following hospital discharge. She was awarded a PhD for her work on the development of the Carers’ Alert Thermometer for Stroke (CAT-S), a screening tool used to identify and support the needs of family caregivers of stroke survivors living at home.¬†