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Dr Anna Bussu

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Law, Criminology & Policing

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Department: Law, Criminology & Policing

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Dr Anna Bussu

 BSc (Hons), Ma, MEd  MSc  Ph.D. MBPsS CPsychol, SFHEA

Anna is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and PL in Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour.


Since 2020 she has been the Programme Leader of BSc Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour.

Anna completed her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from the University of Sassari (Italy). Her dissertation investigated “Functions and competences of the police officers to conduct an interrogation. The contribution of Forensic Psychology and the qualitative research to define training requirements” During her postdocs (2009-2012) and assistant professorship (2012-2015) at the University of Sassari, she collaborated on several international research projects.

Anna was awarded a Prometeo Scholarship. From 2015 to 2016, she spent over six months in Ecuador, where she worked at the Faculty of Psychology (University of Guayaquil) to implement her project on life skills and restorative practices.

From 2014 to 2016 she was a visiting scholar in USA (University of San Diego, Skidmore College etc) and in several European Universities (Universitad  de Girona, Université de Corse Pascal Paoli etc). From 2010 to 2015 she worked as a research coordinator and life coach at the Center for Counselling and Coaching at the University of Sassari.

From Jan 2011 to Dec 2013 she was an Honorary Judge (Expert in Forensic Criminology) at the Surveillance Court of Sassari. From 2004 to date she is a Trainer and Life Coach.

As a Teaching and Learning Fellow, her aim is to implement and develop projects and initiatives within the Faculty that support the vision to maintain teaching excellence (TEF Gold) and to promote student retention.

Since 2017 she has been a peer mentoring trainer at Edge Hill University


Research Interests

Anna is a Chartered psychologist (BPS), with research interests in:

Deviance and Crime, risk and protective factors in offending behaviour; young people and offending behaviour;  cyberstalking and cyberbullying police practices.

Wellbeing and Quality of Life: social and pathological gambling, student wellbeing, student dropout.

Training and Vocation: career guidance and vocational training, active learning and life skills, peer mentoring and coaching, and professional training requirements.

From December 2017 she has been  Managing Editor of “Police Practice & Research – An International Journal”