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Christina King

BA (Hons) Secondary English Education with QTS

Secondary English Education with QTS student, Christina King

Edge Hill is without doubt culturally diverse and inclusive and the tutors have been fantastic.

None of my immediate family went to university, and I always thought it was out of reach for someone from a poorer background. Whilst I always wanted to study to become a teacher, I thought as a mature student, going into degree level work would be tough and that I might not be able to keep up. however my ambition amplified my motivation. .

I want to inspire the next generation of students, and give them the skills, tools, and knowledge to motivate and inspire them to be great people, to transform lives and lead people to their future on the front foot, creating stability in young people’s lives and giving them a platform where they can be heard, understood and challenged and inspired.

When I had my interview with Edge Hill, and I could see the passion that came through from their specialists in the area, it inspired my end goal further and I knew that I had made the right choice with both the subject and with the University.

I did my research with teaching universities and Edge Hill was always recommended, the quality of the courses and the facilities available made choosing Edge Hill a simple decision

There are ample opportunities to thrive as a mature student, and the University was fully engaged with not only getting the most out of me as a student, but that they cared about me progressing past my degree and into a teaching role.

The top skill I have developed during my degree is critical thinking; being able to challenge my own thinking, open up my way of thinking and look at the world from new perspectives, cultivating attitudes that thrive in an academic environment.

I have learnt to overcome obstacles and barriers to learning. The University are well equipped to teach online and answer questions or concerns quickly and aptly. Edge Hill supported me as I was trying to balance being at home with a three-year-old child whilst completing essays and assignments.

My most memorable moment of my degree so far has been to get a scholarship from Edge Hill for getting the highest-grade average in year one of my degree. I was overjoyed after the worry that came with being a mature student, but the skills gained from Edge Hill and the incredible mentors/tutors that I have had have given me the capability to not only achieve high grades but gone above and beyond what I expected, and I am more than thankful to them all.

My favourite thing about studying English and teaching is the versatility of the subject, the literary history, the critique that can be interweaved, and the culturally diverse nature of English and how they come hand-in-hand with teaching at secondary school level.

Edge Hill is without doubt culturally diverse and inclusive. The tutors have been fantastic, their expertise is remarkable and their passion, care and devotion to the subject and their students is unparalleled.

My favourite place on campus is the Catalyst – the library resources that are available to students is outstanding. The staff are great sources of knowledge, the environment allows students to research and study in the environment that they feel comfortable in, whether that be in silence on the top floor, using the PCs, with friends in the pods or booking out a room, the Catalyst is breath-taking.

I love how many opportunities are given to students. I have completed Philosophy for Children training, am an Ambassador of Hope, have taken part in research and have been awarded a scholarship at the university.

For anyone considering coming to Edge Hill, just go for it and don’t look back. Edge Hill have helped me to look to the future, let them help you too.

My experience at Edge Hill has been extraordinary.