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Bridget Amo

BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Bridget Amo headshot.

Black History Month at Edge Hill is about showing people they belong, they are accepted here, to show people they can say, ‘this is my home, Edge Hill is my place, I matter'.

Student Guide; Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Advisory Panel volunteer

I help educate black women in the community about health risk factors, disease prevention and management. I researched trends in Ghana’s health issues and distribution of care, and I’d like to develop this further, through open days and conferences.

I did wonder if I was going to be the only black person at Edge Hill, but I shouldn’t have worried. I want people to see that black people belong here, that we’re part of the community. I represent other minority students at Edge Hill, as a member of Edge Hill’s student advisory panel, and contribute to the University’s Diversity Access programmes. It means we can be heard and we can decide on the things that can help.

I was involved in Black History Month at Edge Hill. It’s about showing people they belong, they are accepted here, to show people they can say, ‘this is my home, Edge Hill is my place, I matter’.

It’s so important to enjoy different cultures and learn about them. Black History Month is a great way to bring together people from different cultures, to celebrate how similar we are while also celebrating the differences.

As a nursing student, I can use my experiences and support black women to take control of their health. I’m proud of my efforts in advocating for and educating them about their health, and providing free health screenings. This can help overcome the lack of awareness and financial resources that can lead to health disparities in this community.

I was awarded Excellence and University Scholarships for my commitment to equal opportunities. Growing up as a member of a Black Asian Minority Ethnic group, there was a lack of representative professional role models. I felt uncertain about following my aspirations. However, the knowledge, skills and confidence I’ve gained through studying at Edge Hill has helped me to use my degree and experiences to inspire others.

This degree has really increased my employability. I’ve learnt to communicate effectively, lead and manage teams, and use technology and informatics tools proficiently.
It’s provided me with numerous opportunities for personal development and growth, networking, and specialised knowledge in specific areas of nursing.

I’d like to build on my degree to support women’s health in Ghana. I’d like to take a Masters in Law, specialising in Medical Law, and join the UK Aid and medical mission trips.

BHM 2023 personal highlight

I really enjoyed joining my fellow students during Black History Month to celebrate authentic African culture, history, music, poetry and food.