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Arran Haigh

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Arran Haigh


Research Interests

My main area of interest within the geosciences is sedimentology, specifically in fluvial environments. My master’s research involved studying how fluvial and aeolian environments interact, specifically looking at the margin of the Kayenta and Navajo Formations, in Grand County, Utah, USA. I analysed and commented on the sedimentological features preserved in the record, and their potential as a hydrocarbon reservoir.

My current PhD research focuses on flooding within northwest England. Flood events are the costliest and most wide-reaching natural disasters which commonly occur across the UK. The sedimentological record preserved within river floodplains can be an excellent source of data for producing robust flood chronologies which extend much further into the past than currently available gauged and historical accounts. I am particularly interested in how human-induced changes to the climate and changes in land use over time have affected both the frequency and magnitude of flood events within the UK over the past several thousand years.

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the Geological Society

Member of the Quaternary Research Association

Member of the British Geomorphological Society