Amelia Cornett

BA (Hons) Television

Professional Image of Amelia Cornett

The course has a very practical focus. You start from scratch, learning every aspect of production from the admin side to writing and camerawork.

There are so many opportunities here if you want to take them. Before I came to Edge Hill, some people thought that getting a job in the media was unrealistic, but coming here and meeting people who are in the industry has made that seem achievable for me.

The lecturers have so much professional experience and what you’re aiming to do they’ve already done, so they really try to use their experience and contacts to help you get into the industry. A member of staff in the studio told me about some work experience at Sky in London, so I applied and ended up doing a week’s work as part of their Women in Tech project. I learnt a lot about the technical side of how programmes get to your screen which, even though it wasn’t production as such, was a brilliant opportunity to look at a side of the media I hadn’t thought about before. I wouldn’t have had that insight without the staff at Edge Hill.

I’ve really enjoyed the practical modules as they help you try out different roles, from the admin side to writing and camerawork, which show how you’ll be working in the industry. We get to meet a lot of industry professionals during the course. One of the tutors organised an event called Festival in a Day, where people from film and TV came in to give talks and lectures and we got to chat with them and build up our contacts. I’ve also been to York Film Festival, which was great for seeing how people get into the industry and a chance to learn from their experiences.

I’ve definitely become more open-minded and confident in my own ideas since I’ve been at Edge Hill. I’ve enjoyed the independence of being at university, both in terms of living on my own and as a student. At school, the teachers watch over you and you need to learn in a particular way. Here, you get left to your own devices more, but the support is there if you need it, which is a great way to learn.