Leona Forde

I am a firm believer that everyone should study social sciences. It provides you with knowledge about society, allows you to think about life and definitely makes you a better individual.

That’s what my sociology degree has done for me. It has made me really think about the world around me, enabling me to explore and evaluate our society and better understand myself.

The syllabus is really broad and open which is what I was looking for when I applied to come here. As well as this, the subjects you study are very global and current, including areas such as terrorism, conflict and childhood. You become very aware of contemporary issues in so many areas and I feel that my employment options are wide-ranging as a result.

As part of the degree I have been on a number of excellent trips which has allowed me to bring my studies to life. They have enabled me to experience what we have covered in lectures and understand it so much better.

Seeing and learning about what is happening in the world has really taught me that what you say and do has repercussions, whether this is on a child in a classroom or society as whole.

Another aspect I like about Edge Hill is the campus environment, it is very relaxed and I found it to be much more welcoming than the other universities I visited before choosing here. They seemed very chaotic in comparison.

The tutors have been very supportive here as well. You are treated like an individual rather than just another person in the system and it feels like they really are here to help you.