At A-Level you have to tick certain boxes to achieve good marks, but here you’re encouraged to develop your own personal writing style.

I was that kid in school who wrote all the time. I got the school leaver’s award for literacy in Year 6 and went on to do English Language and Literature at GCSE and English Language at A-Level, so that was always going to be my first choice when it came to a degree.

I loved studying English at school, but it is so different at university. The English Language course touches more on the real world aspects of writing, not just on fiction. It’s opened my eyes to different styles of writing, like journalism, that are more relevant to everyday life. The linguistics side of the course I find fascinating. I’m the sort of person that gets excited about phonetics! I’ve really enjoyed learning about semantics and pragmatics and how language has developed, but I’ve started really annoying my family by analysing their language in the middle of conversations. I love seeing what I’m learning in real life, it’s just so interesting.

As well as studying the core subjects, you can tailor your course by choosing elective modules to suit your interests. Last year, I chose a Literature module – I didn’t realise I could do that. It was nice to dip back into literature again. This year, I’m doing a Creative Writing elective. I think it’s good that you can challenge yourself with subjects outside of your degree and experiment with things you enjoy.

Being at Edge Hill has given me some amazing opportunities. For my first year placement, I worked for a review website called Writebase in Liverpool, so I got to watch a whole range of shows, from pantos to ballets to pop concerts, and write reviews which were published online. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so having to write to to a very short timescale has really developed my real world writing skills. I learned to write much quicker without overthinking – that will be so useful in the future.

I’ve changed as a person since I started at Edge Hill. I’m definitely much more confident in my writing style. I’m able to let my own personality and flair shine through in my writing now.