Every time I go to a lecture I learn something new - your mind just opens up and the world becomes a bit bigger.

Before I came to an Edge Hill open day I had this idea that Criminology was about serial killers and forensic profiling. That’s the thing that’s shocked me the most about the subject, that it’s not just about crime – it’s about everything. Once I’d found out more about Criminology, I realised I was very interested in the social justice side of the subject and I could help people that way. It just seemed to fit as soon as I heard about it.

Studying Criminology has helped me realise what matters to me the most. It’s made me think about issues that affect me and people around me, like feminism, austerity and the media. I didn’t think Criminology would look at wider social issues, but it has opened my eyes to how much we don’t know or aren’t told. There’s so much that’s hidden in society. It’s easy to miss these things if you don’t learn about them.

The module on Gender, Sex and Violence really opened my eyes and feminism has now become really important to me. It has been my favourite module so far. It was the first time I’d really thought about feminism as something that directly affected me. It made me realise that I want to do a Masters, so that I can become a Criminology lecturer and educate others.

Through the course I’ve had the opportunity to go to Thorn Cross Prison in Warrington once a week, working with prisoners who were taking a Criminology course as part of their parole process. We were all really nervous when we first went in because of the way prisoners are portrayed in the media, but you soon realise they’re just people and we ended up having a laugh together. It provided me with the chance to experience things for myself and gain a perspective that I wouldn’t have got otherwise. I’m really grateful that I had that opportunity.

Every time I go to a lecture I learn something new – your mind just opens up and the world become a bit bigger. I think I’ve found myself since I’ve been here. I’m so much more confident. My whole family can see the difference in me. I used to find it hard to speak out about social justice issues, I was just too scared, but now you can’t shut me up! Coming to Edge Hill is the best thing I’ve ever done.