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Nutrition students doing tests in the food science laboratory in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine
Jimmy uses the support of Wellbeing and Inclusion team at Edge Hill to break down barriers

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Jimmy uses the support of Wellbeing and Inclusion team at Edge Hill to break down barriers

June 12, 2024

Jimmy Rimmer, Nutrition & Health Undergraduate student at Edge Hill University, has reflected on his studies and the support he received from the Wellbeing and Inclusion team.

Jimmy Rimmer, Nutrition & Health Undergraduate student at Edge Hill University, has reflected on his studies and the support he received from the Wellbeing and Inclusion team and shares how this has shaped him into the professional he is today.

Jimmy explained: “Healthcare professionals have helped me to develop and without them I would not be who I am today, this has ultimately fuelled my ambition to give back the help and support that was given to me through my career.”

Jimmy chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Health at Edge Hill, which explores the vital role of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention. This degree also gives graduates the chance to apply for Direct Entry as a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.

Jimmy added: “Nutrition is arguably an overlooked area of biomedical science as nutrients are essential throughout the lifespan from conception to death, and fundamental for all aspects of health- life would simply cease to exist without proper nutrients.

“Not only does this degree provide a biological and chemical approach to nutrition and health, but one that is holistic considering psychological and sociological factors such as health inequalities, culture, and sustainability. This facilitates a lot of opportunities to develop broad knowledge and key transferrable skills from working in the laboratory, carrying out anthropometrics, understanding barriers to health changes, dietary and exercise intervention strategies, and the wider determinants of health.

“Whether you choose to work in public health, clinical nutrition, the food industry or go onto further study such as dietetics, biomedical sciences, psychology/mental health, nursing or exercise science – you’ll typically find that nutrition will be relevant and there’s plenty of modules to choose that’ll suit your career goals.”

While choosing where to study, Jimmy attended an Edge Hill open day. Having a neurodevelopmental condition and a complex range of mental health conditions, Jimmy had certain barriers to overcome and needed to ensure that his chosen university was the right fit for his needs.

Jimmy added: “I chose Edge Hill University as the staff I spoke to on the open day seemed like they truly cared; my decision was only further strengthened through the beautiful campus, green spaces and a campus cat crossing my path. My intuition sensed that I would receive the support I needed which has since proven to be true.

“As a student, the support network that I have received from the Nutrition and Health faculty and the Wellbeing team has been outstanding. The support that I received started months prior enrolment where an Inclusion officer wrote a student support plan to help mitigate any difficulties, and provided this information to course staff to put in place assessment modifications and to make sure I was fully supported from day one.”

Edge Hill’s Wellbeing team are on hand to offer advice and support to all students, whether they are studying full time, part time, on or off campus. A variety of services are available to ensure that every student can fulfil their potential.

Jimmy explained: “The support carried on throughout my studies through an amazing learning facilitator who has since supported me with areas such as managing workloads, note taking and offered personal support and guidance. The Wellbeing team has provided tremendous support regarding my mental health too, through 1 to 1 CBT sessions and contacting services outside of the university when I was getting nowhere. This has only been enhanced by course tutors who clearly love their subject, providing brilliant teaching and support while always considering my challenges and difficulties along the way by working effectively with my learning facilitator.

“Most importantly nobody at university ever gave up on me even when I was at my worst. I couldn’t have had a better support system in place. Every single member of staff has truly wanted me to succeed and without this I doubt I would have finished my degree. This has only further confirmed that I want a career to help and support people just like myself.”

If you feel you could benefit from some additional support during your time at university, we encourage students to book an initial appointment with the Wellbeing team who will discuss your needs with you. Or if you are thinking about joining Edge Hill, our Admissions team can point you towards any help and support you may need.

Jimmy commented: “University is a safe space to develop skills and gain new experiences. I would encourage students in a similar position to me to never doubt themselves. You’ll be surprised of your capabilities if you push through the barriers and give yourself some time. Its also important to always ask for support, as I have realised that not speaking up and hiding will only make things worse. Edge Hill offers so much support, so utilise it.”

Jimmy has now completed his degree, with his impressive determination supported by Edge Hill, who gave him the tools he needed to succeed. He is looking forward to using his knowledge and experiences to forge a successful career giving back and helping others in the field of Health and Nutrition.

Jimmy added: “Ultimately Edge Hill University has unlocked a lot of my potential, I wouldn’t have imagined ever doing presentations or hosting a public health nutrition event and I am incredibly proud to have received a special recognition of achievement award for resilience and outstanding achievement across my degree.

“I am incredibly grateful for the development of key personal skills which will be fundamental going forward to achieve my goals and cannot recommend Edge Hill enough.”

June 12, 2024


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