James Ridley

Jim RidleyJames (prefers to be called “Jim”) is a member of the nurse education team and the programme leader for the BSc Behaviour Analysis and Intervention. Jim currently leads a few modules which consider the needs of people with a range of complex health and social care needs. Jim is a Registered Nurse (Learning Disability) and has a keen interest in areas such as ageing/older adulthood, living with Dementia, positive behaviour support and reducing/minimising the use of restrictive practices, which is where his interests in ethics have developed.

Jim continues to practice within nursing supporting individuals with a learning disability and individuals who are experiencing mental health difficulties. This work also supports him to work alongside networks focusing on in-patient care and sits on the national Restraint Reduction Network where he has recently been published as one of the lead authors for the RRN Training Standards.

Jim has a clear passion for considering the approaches that are undertaken in the support of people with a learning disability and especially where additional needs lead to increased levels of complexity.

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