Your University account expires up to 120 days following the conclusion of your studies / your graduation. This means you will no longer have access to the following:

Following your University account expiry, your data will be deleted and will not be recoverable. This includes your email account and all your files.

We, therefore, strongly recommend that you consider the following:

  • Make copies of all your important documents and emails before your account expires.
  • Arrange an alternative email address and ensure you communicate your new email to your contacts. Remember to include any online accounts where you have used your Edge Hill email address for registration/identification.
  • Export any work you may wish to keep from Learning Edge, such as your e-portfolio, dissertation, any assignments and tutor feedback.
  • Return any Library items or Media equipment out on loan and clear any balance on your account.

Please remember, you are responsible for backing up and transferring your data safely and securely.


If you are considering withdrawing from your programme, we strongly advise you to talk to the Academic Registry team first. They may be able to resolve your difficulties without you leaving your programme.

For contact and further information, please click on the link below:

Interrupting your studies

If you experience serious personal, medical or financial issues during your study, you can apply to suspend your studies.

Please follow this link to find out more information on interrupting your studies: