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Sediment Matters: Integrating Recent Advances in Catchment Decision-Making

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Tuesday 11 June 2024 - Wednesday 12 June 2024




Edge Hill University

A stream in the middle of a woodland area.

You are invited to join Edge Hill University for our upcoming “Sediment Matters” conference which will serve as a pivotal forum for experts across various disciplines to converge and explore the latest advancements in understanding sediment dynamics within catchment areas, with a specific focus on how these insights can inform decision-making processes. This event aims to showcase how sediment interacts in our river catchments around the themes of water quality, ecology, and Natural Flood Management, with speakers from Industry and academia. There will be opportunities for interdisciplinary insights with our co-production workshop on day two and the conference aims to share best practice related to sediment, understand what is needed for the future and create a network of engaged professionals working on the multi-disciplinary area of sediment.

In summary, the “Sediment Matters” conference will provide a comprehensive platform for advancing understanding, collaboration, and action on sediment-related issues within catchments. By integrating recent scientific advancements with practical insights and stakeholder perspectives, the conference aimed to catalyse transformative approaches to catchment management that prioritize environmental sustainability, societal well-being, and resilience in the face of ongoing global change.

Sessions will include:

  • Natural Flood Management and reducing fine grained sediment.
  • Modelling and Monitoring of sediment
  • Water Quality and Sediment
  • Sediment and Ecology

Day 1

12pmArrival, registration and refreshments
12.30pmSession 1
2.45pmSession 2
4pmSession 3
5pmClose for the day
6.30pmEvening meal

Day 2

9amArrival and refreshments
9.30amKeynote address
10.15amRoundtable co-design workshop
2.15pmClose of day and refreshments
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The conference is funded through a Knowledge Exchange NERC Fellowship grant awarded to Dr Janet Richardson.

Who is this event for?

Current staff Current students Everyone Researchers