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Professor Marcello Trovati inaugural lecture: Wholes which are more than the sum of their parts- the ubiquity of complex systems

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Thursday 4 May 2023





Tech Hub Lecture Theatre , Tech Hub

Professor Marcello Trovati Inaugural LectureHundreds of thousands Baikal Teal crowd birds flying in the evening sky

Complex systems are everywhere, from the way migrating birds organise themselves into flocking formations, to highly organised ant colonies. Complex systems have become a crucial aspect of several sciences as they can provide valuable insights into the emergence of data patterns.

Professor Marcello Trovati will examine common properties in social networks, human communication, the stock market and the fractal structures of biological systems, all of which can reveal valuable information on the behaviour of large and highly organised entities.

Professor Marcello Trovati’s expertise is artificial intelligence, date science and mathematical modelling. He has had approximately 100 works published, mostly as lead author, including articles, edited books and chapters. He has obtained funding with a combined value over £1m, either as a Principal investigator or as Co-Principal Investigator.


5:00pm- Welcome refreshments

5:30pm – Inaugural lecture

6:15pm – Q&A

6:30pm – Networking and refreshments

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