‘Romanticism at Edge Hill’ Lecture Series 2015

We are pleased to announce the programme for this year’s ‘Romanticism at Edge Hill’ lectures. Wednesday 11th February | Leigh Wetherall Dickson (Northumbria) “My name in capitals, like Kean”: Don Juan, Notoriety and A New Canto’. Wednesday 18th February | Fred Botting (Kingston) ‘120 Shades of Ann: Radcliffe, Sade, Kant’. Wednesday 4th March | Jonathan Shears […]

Third Annual Symposium for Ethnicity, Race and Racism Research Group

  A research group dedicated to exploring issues around racism and ethnicity held its third annual symposium recently, where an Edge Hill University alumnus returned to play a leading role. The Ethnicity, Race and Racism Research Group (ERRG) was formed in 2010 by academics in the Department of English and History who wished to share […]