Dr David Allan

Name: Dr David Allan
Department: Secondary and Further Education
Current position: Reader in Further Education and Training
Email: david.allan@edgehill.ac.uk
Location: Ormskirk Main Campus, Faculty of Education


David’s PhD, completed at Lancaster University, explored the learning journeys of a group of disaffected girls undertaking vocational learning. Since then, his research interests have focused on disaffection, student voice, and vocational learning in schools. Recently, however, he has been exploring the use of Lesson Study for student re-engagement and teacher development. He is the principal investigator for a research project that is currently investigating teachers’ perspectives of using Lesson Study to generate new communities of knowledge, and thus enhance pedagogical knowledge exchange. David is also currently working with institutions in Vietnam and Laos to investigate learning experiences and student marginalisation in Asian contexts.


Prior to joining Edge Hill University, Dr David Allan was registered as an associate tutor for two universities in the north-west. He began his teaching career in secondary schools before moving on to lecture part time in various sixth form and further education colleges. He then taught English and maths to key stage four students undertaking a work-based learning programme and subsequently took up a managerial post before eventually taking over the full running of the programme. This programme met the needs of over 400 disaffected 14-16-year-olds and was recognised as an invaluable strategy for re-engagement.


  • BA, MA, PGCE, PhD

Research Interests:

Disaffection with learning and student marginalisation, inclusion, student voice, vocational learning, lesson study

Published work:

Peer-reviewed papers:

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Book chapters:

Allan, D., Boorman, D., O’Doherty, E. and Smalley, P. (2018) Lesson Study. In Cain, T. (2018) Becoming a Research-Informed School: Why? What? How? London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138308640


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