Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

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As an employer of more than 250 people, we are required by UK law to publish our gender pay gap information, both on the Government’s Gender Pay Gap Service and on our own website.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government Equalities Office suspended compulsory reporting for pay gap data based on the March 2019 snapshot dates.

Once again, this year, we’ve gone beyond the minimum reporting requirements to provide narrative to help explain the factors contributing to our gender pay gap and the actions we’re taking to close it.


From 2017, any organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed relative to men’s earnings. Data from Edge Hill University is published here and on the relevant Government website. The data includes:

  • mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • median gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • mean bonus gender pay gap
  • median bonus gender pay gap
  • proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment
  • proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

Here you can access our 2020 report and view our archived reports in our gender pay gap reports collection.

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