Sarah McHale


  • BA (Hons)Business Computing, University of Sunderland
  • MSc Management of Information Technology, University of Sunderland
  • PGCE Information Technology, Edge Hill University
Sarah McHale
Research Contact Teaching
Internet of Things (IoT), Remote Personalised Monitoring & Management in Healthcare, Semantic Web Ontologies, Smart Devices Sarah McHale
Department of Computer Science
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP

Phone: 01695 651872
Email: Sarah McHale
Office: THF09

  • Web Design and Development
  • Databases
  • Systems Analysis
  • Principles of Visual Design


Sarah McHale is a Doctoral Tutor currently working towards her PhD at the Department of Computer Science at Edge Hill University (UK). Prior to that, Sarah was an Associate Tutor in Computing at Edge Hill University, she also has extensive teaching experience of Computer Science within the Further Education sector.

Sarah’s PhD thesis is titled “An IoT Approach to Remote Personalised Monitoring and Management of Epilepsy”. In collaboration with a specialist NHS trust, this project aims to develop a personalised approach to caring for long term condition such as epilepsy. In particular, this project will investigate the possible benefits of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm’s smart devices for delivering healthcare. There are a number of devices for epilepsy monitoring already in use, such as: EEG, ECG, EMG muscle tone, Movement detector and Pulse Oximeter, however, further work needs to be done to identify how new smart devices together with existing devices can be utilised in order to deliver more personalised approach to monitoring and caring of patients.

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