Professor Claire Parkinson (Co-Director, CfHAS)

Dr Richard Twine (Co-Director, CfHAS)

Professor Jody Berland: CfHAS Visiting Professor

Karynn Capilé (Visiting PhD student)

Dr Claire Dean

Dr Victoria Foster

Donelle Gadenne (GTA/PhD student)

Dr Jayne Garner (Faculty of Health & Social Care)

Dr Naomi Griffin (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Clare Heney  (Senior Lecturer in Film and TV Production, Dept. of Media)

Dr Paddy Hoey

EvaMarie Lindahl (PhD Student)

Abigail Masefield (PhD Student)

Ellen Storm (Social Sciences PhD student)


Dr Luke Blazejewski (Independent scholar)

Dr Tobias Linne (Lund University)

Dr Helena Pedersen (Stockholm University)

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