Kate McAdam – Head of Accommodation Services

Helen Knowles – Accommodation Operations Manager

David Coffey – Accommodation Officer

Karen Jones – Accommodation Officer

Neil Dixon – Accommodation Officer

Richard Pugh – Accommodation Financial Administrator

What do we do?

  • Help students find accommodation on campus or off campus
  • Answer student queries relating to various aspects of accommodation
  • Provide advice about contracts, rents and deposits
  • Advertise for private landlords in the local area
  • Liaise closely with the local police, council and fire service
  • Handle enquiries from landlords and local residents

Residential Hall Managers

The team of five RHMs reside on campus and work together to manage the 41 halls of residence. Throughout the residential contract, a Duty RHM is available at all times, out of office hours, to deal with urgent matters and to provide information and support to students who live in halls.

The RHM team plays a major role in monitoring student behaviour and works alongside the Head of Accommodation Services and the Accommodation Team to provide an effective hall management service Residential Hall Managers work Monday-Friday 5pm-8.45am and Friday 5pm until Monday 8.45am..

The RHMs and their locations are:

Shahida Ahmed – Cedar, Forest Court,
Neil Dixon – Tomkins, Chancellors Court
David Praties – Margaret Bain, Back Halls
David Coffey- Sinclair, Founders Court
Louise Westhead – Matheson, Founders Court

You can contact the Duty RHM on 07717 815 685.

Shahida Ahmed

Neil Dixon

Louise Westhead




The Night Support Officers

The Night Support Officers work in close contact with the RHMs, Student Assistants and Campus Support to help manage and offer support to resident students.

They are:

  • Paul Chandley
  • Darran Evans
  • Jan Harvey
  • Michael Harvey
  • Ian Macadam
  • Prosper Mwedzi

The Night Support Officers work every night from 9pm to 7am and you can contact them by telephoning 07785928911 or 07785930068





Student Services Engagement Assistant

The main focus of the Student Services Engagement Assistant is to enable on-campus students to find their niche at Edge Hill and feel part of the university community. The role is to foster a supportive and positive living experience for student residents, enabling their development as responsible adults and integration into both the University and the local community.

The SSEA organises events such as film nights, sports activities, trips off campus and live music on campus.

The SSEA is available Monday to Thursday between 2pm to 7.30pm in the Student Information Centre. You can follow Rebecca Schultz on



Telephone  07825144363

Student Assistants

The Resident Hall Managers and Night Support Officers also work alongside a team of Student Assistants to support resident students. The Resident Hall Managers work Monday-Friday 5pm-8.45am and Friday 5pm until Monday 8.45am.

Student Assistants (SAs) are available to provide help and information to residential students.  When you arrive in halls you will be introduced to your Student Assistant and given information about how to contact him/her.

Please make an effort to get to know your Student Assistant and attend all meetings arranged.

The Student Accommodation Code Where you live is a big part of being at university, which is why Edge Hill is one of a number of universities and further education colleges that is signed up to The Student Accommodation Code.

The Code protects our students’ rights to safe, high quality living accommodation to make sure they get the best out of their time living in halls of residence.

It outlines everything students can expect from our accommodation as well as their responsibilities as tenants.

The Code has already raised standards of accommodation across the higher education sector, and together with our commitment to customer service excellence, underpins our ongoing dedication to our students. We are fully committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment which will help support our students in leading a successful and enjoyable student life.





Student Regulations





Student Code of Behaviour

Halls Handbook: This contains everything you need to know about life in halls, as well as guidance on the many support services available to you.

If you have a mobility, hearing, visual impairment or feel you would require assistance during an evacuation, please complete the PEEPs forms and return them to If you currently use any specialist equipment as a result of a medical condition and intend to bring that with you, please ensure you inform us prior to moving onto campus and provide a Care Plan.

Edge Hill has a legal responsibility to protect you from the risk of fire and ensure your health and safety whilst you study. The PEEP will be developed based on the information you provide.
It should not take more than a few minutes to complete this form.

Your responsibility:

We ask you to help us complete this assessment and, once this has been agreed between yourself and us, adhere to the procedures within this guidance.

The questionnaire is completed with your assistance to aid the development of a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.

We request you provide as much information as possible to enable the Institution to develop a suitable plan.

The Plan is intended to identify the means of escape in the event of an emergency (including evacuation drills).

Hall Fees

Students who are unable to pay their hall fee must inform the Accommodation Office and negotiate a payment plan with a member of staff. If you fail to pay, or to negotiate a payment plan, you will be subject to credit control procedures.

If you are experiencing financial problems and are having difficulty paying your accommodation fees please keep the Accommodation Team informed of your situation. This means that we can offer you the assistance you require.

Please note that appointments are available on request between 17.00 and 19.30.

Private interview rooms are available to discuss any confidential matters.

The Accommodation Team works closely in conjunction with the Fire Service to ensure that information and advice provided to students is accurate and current.

Fire SafetyAs part of their induction every residential student must attend a fire safety presentation, which is delivered by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

It is important that you know about the dangers of fire, what you can do to guard against the risk of fire and how you can ensure that you stay safe in halls. This presentation, prepared by Lancashire Fire Service, will educate you about everything you need to know.

* *

* *

Recycling and SustainabilityVarious departments around the university work closely with residential students to ensure waste is kept to a minimum and students are educated on how to be environmentally friendly.

Reuse in Halls

FacebookCompetitions and prizes to be won throughout the year, so make sure you like the Facebook page so you don’t miss out.

Every year, when students move out, there is a tremendous waste peak. Many of the items are still in good condition but are thrown away and destined for landfill if we don’t take action.

Reuse in HallsA5 Re-Use SchemeIf you are a student living on campus or in Ormskirk look out for the Reuse in Halls scheme during May/June which collects your unwanted items, diverting them from landfill to people in need. Donations are collected by the local social enterprise Exsel CIC for distribution to the local community.

In 2012 we collected just under 1 tonne of reusable items. For more information visit >

Hire a bike from as little as £1.00 an hour.Visit Sefton & Lancashire Logo
Cycling is the perfect way to explore Ormskirk and the surrounding areas of Sefton and West Lancashire.

For more information click Cycle Hire.

To report any problems with the hire bikes please contact direct on 01704 500996 or alternatively via email on

The Elms Practice
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Tel: 01695 588710
Fax: 01695 578300

Edge Hill University
Health and Well Being Centre
Milton House
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Tel: 01695 657265

SUThe Students’ Union Advice Centre is an independent advice service open to students of Edge Hill University. The SU Advice Centre is based upstairs in the Hub and students can seek advice on academic issues, for example academic malpractice, complaints, appeals, fitness to practise, as well as student finance, debt, welfare benefits and housing issues.

We are open daily from 10am – 4pm and offer appointment slots as well as drop-in sessions on Monday and Tuesday mornings 10am – 1pm and Wednesday and Thursday 1pm -4pm. To book an appointment please contact reception on 01695 65 7301 or email

For further information on all aspects of help and advice you can get from your Students’ Union.

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