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Dr Tim Saunders

MA Education (Leadership) Pathway Lead

Primary & Childhood Education

An image of Tim Saunders, Lecturer in Primary Education

Department: Primary & Childhood Education

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I am the MA Pathway Lead for Educational Leadership drawing on 16 years experience as a Headteacher with a Masters in educational management and PhD in school leadership. I am also a SAPERE Level 1 Trainer in P4C (Philosophy for Children) and love to apply the 4Cs of caring, critical, creative and collaborative thinking in my teaching, building communities of inquiry at all levels of education.

I have lived and taught throughout the North West of England, along many of the rivers that flow into the Mersey (Sett, Goyt, Bollin and Irwell), eventually washing up in Liverpool a stone’s throw from the estuary at Otterspool.

Centre for Mindful Educational Leadership

For more on Mindfulness-based leadership development, the Integrative Leadership Framework and the Educative Middle Way, please visit the centre website

Mindful Support Network

For mindfulness-based peer support approaches such as co-coaching, co-counselling and peer action learning please visit  

Research Interests

  • Integrative Leadership Framework
  • Mindful Leadership Development
  • The Educative Middle Way
  • Mindful Reflectice Practice
  • Integrating Educational Philosophy and Leadership for Learning
  • Toxic Leadership
  • Teacher Spiritual Development¬†
  • P4C (Philosophy for Children)
  • Religion and Worldviews Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development¬†
  • Living Educational Theory


  • MA (Education) Educational Leadership
  • PGCE Primary Education
  • BA QTS Primary Education
  • BA (Hons) Children’s Learning & Development