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Tim Saunders

Lecturer in CEC (RE)

Primary & Childhood Education

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Department: Primary & Childhood Education

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I first came to live in the north west of England as a student at Manchester University in 1985 and having lived and worked nomadically here ever since, I eventually settled in Liverpool, a stone’s throw from the Mersey estuary.  I count both city regions home and it is the living waterways of the Mersey rivers, many streams one river, that connect the places and people I love in this bioregion and ground my one planet thinking and educational practice.

Educational Experience

I have a wealth of experience that includes Primary School teaching (7 years), Headteacher (14 years), University lecturing (7 years), Thinking Skills training in schools (10 years), and Organisational Development Consultant (6 years).

Current Projects I am most enthusiastic to share:

Spirit Gym which is a peer support approach to teacher spirituality and spiritual development, mainly for trainee and early career teachers but inclusive of all helping professions and changemakers; and offering training in the Enneagram and Co-counselling. Ongoing CPD is offered six times a year each half term.

EduSynthesis how to map your personal teaching philosophy, a synthesis of practical theory to help trainee teachers work out their own 1) personal 1:1 coaching philosophy: PCP 2) personal teaching philosophy: PTP 3) personal leadership philosophy: PLP and 4) personal planetary philosophy: PPP

Research Interests

  • The thought and practice of John Heron in humanistic psychology and transpersonal education: model of extended espistemology, co-counselling, 6 categories of intervention, 6 facilitation modes, co-operative inquiry, participatory spirituality 
  • Spirit Gym the interface between teacher spirituality and spiritual development in relation to SMSC development, Religious Education and PSHE
  • EduSynthesis mapping your personal teaching philosophy, the integration of practical theory for trainee teachers
    • Developing a personal coaching philosophy: PCP
    • Developing a personal teaching philosophy: PTP
    • Developing a personal leadership philosophy: PLP
    • Developing a personal planetary philosophy: PPP
  • Wicked RE project – integrating models of religion and worldviews education for spiritual development and sustainable development to address wicked world problems
  • P4C (Philosophy for Children)
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Models of Educational Leadership and Management


  • BA (Hons) Teaching, Learning & Child Development
  • BA QTS Primary Education
  • PGCE Primary Education
  • PGCTHE: Personal and Academic Tutor