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Richard Lopes

Research Assistant

A headshot of Ricardo Lopes



Ricardo is a motivated and result-driven professional with a strong passion for technology and research. With a diverse background in project management, software development, and data analysis, Ricardo excels in dynamic environments and thrives under pressure.

He constantly seeks to enhance his skills and actively contributes to the success of the team. Currently working as a KTP Associate at Edge Hill University, Ricardo is involved in developing a cutting-edge volumetrics algorithm and delivering an academic paper, utilising his problem-solving and analytical skills. In his role as a Fastrack IT Tutor, he has successfully facilitated engaging IT sessions for students, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge. As a Research Projects Coordinator, Ricardo collaborated with esteemed researchers, conducting comprehensive research and synthesising findings on children’s data protection regulations.

Additionally, his experience as a Technology Consultant and Property Manager demonstrates his ability to combine technical proficiency with effective communication and project management skills. Ricardo holds a BSc in Computing and is currently pursuing an MSc in Big Data Analytics, further enhancing his expertise in advanced analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms. With proficiency in multiple programming languages and languages, Ricardo brings a versatile skill set to the team.