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Leah Lakin-Cairns

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Psychology student Leah

The course has made me think about areas of Psychology that I hadn’t considered before. It’s a great basis for your future career.

The desire to help people pushed me towards therapy as a career. I did Psychology at A level and found it fascinating. I enjoy looking at the reasons behind people’s behaviour and whether it’s nature or nurture that makes them behave in a certain way. I knew that Psychology was something that would definitely keep me interested for three years.

I’ve enjoyed all of the topics so far but I especially loved the qualitative research module as it gave us the opportunity to choose our own topic. I’m always more motivated when I’m doing something I’ve got a personal interest in. I chose to study homesickness and its effects on mental health as I’d just left home for the first time and was finding it pretty tough. I really liked planning and carrying out interviews and writing up my findings. It was good to know I wasn’t alone.

I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the biology modules. At college the bits about how the brain worked were too ‘sciencey’ for me so I thought I wouldn’t like it, but the way we do it here isn’t about learning dry facts, its more about how the biology of the brain works with other factors to influence behaviour. It’s taught in a way that makes it more relevant to everyday life.

I’ve definitely become more independent since being at university. I was so homesick in my first year and I felt very unhappy. I feel so fortunate that I was able to access some free counselling on campus – it really helped. I kept myself busy by going to the gym and joining the Boxing and Trampolining Societies.

I forced myself out of my comfort zone to meet people and make friends, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve met some of the best people. Before I came to Edge Hill, I thought I’d hate being so far away from home. I didn’t think I could do it. Now, every time I’m home, I can’t wait to get back.