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Dr Nicholas Longpré

Senior Lecturer - Criminology

School of Law, Criminology & Policing

Department: School of Law, Criminology & Policing

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2008-2011 – Université de Montréal

Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) – Criminology

Master Thesis Title: Théories implicites chez les agresseurs de femmes adultes (The implicit theories of adult rapists)


2011-2016  – Université de Montréal

Doctoral’s Degree (Ph.D.) – Criminology

Doctoral Thesis Title: Un poison même à petite dose: étude de la structure latente et des facteurs développementaux du sadisme sexuel (A poison even in small dose: Study of the latent structure and development antecedents of sexual sadism)


2016-2017  – Brandeis University

Postdoctoral Associate – Psychology

Under the supervision of Raymond A. Knight, the Mortimer Gryzmish Professor of Human Relations at Brandeis University

Research Interests

Under Review

Longpré, N., Stefanska, E., White, E., & Tachmetzidi Papoutsim M. (Under Review). A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Taxometric Evidence of the Dimensional Structure of Stalking. 

Beckett, N.S., & Longpré, N. (Under Review). The Dark Tetrad in Relationships: Sexual Coaxing, Coercion and Rape Myth Acceptance. 

Dauphinais, L., Longpré, N., Guay, J.P., Knight, R.A., & Proulx, J. (Under Review). Investigating the latent structure of sexual sadism: Can phallometric assessment provide further evidence of dimensionality? 

                                                    Research Funding 

Research Investment Fund (RIF) Strand 3 – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Nomological Network and Latent Structure of Stalking, Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence – £12,560.00

Manuscript in preparation 

Longpré, N., Knight, R.A. & Du, R., (Manuscript in preparation). Development and validation on a new Agonistic Continuum Scale. 

Beckett, N.S., Longpré, N. & Stefanska E. (Manuscript in preparation). Rape Myth Acceptance: An Item-Response Theory Analysis. 

Bickell, H. & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Prevalence and psychological correlates of child sex abuse among female in the general population. 

Germain Chartrand, V., Guay, J.P., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Everyday sadism and psychopathic traits: Their relation to facial affect recognition. 

Savaria, I., Longpré, N., & de Roos, M. (Manuscript in preparation). Everyday Sadism as a Predictor of Rape Myth Acceptance and Perception of Harassment. 

Snow, E., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Paraphilia and Sexual harassment: prevalence in the general population and how deviant sexual preferences moderate perceptions of harassment. 

Snow, E., Joyal, C., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Atypical sexual fantasies and behaviours in the general population: Canada & United-Kingdom Comparison. 

Tachmetzidi Papoutsi, M. & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Amongst the Shadows of Stalking and Sexual Violence: The Role of the Dark Tetrad. 

Turner, S., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Dark Tetrad at Work: Influence on Workplace Deviance and Harassment.