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Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Law, Criminology & Policing


Research Interests

Agnieszka’s research interests lie in the areas of criminal justice, prisons and punishment, migration and human rights. With a combined academic background in both law and criminology, her research and publications often span those disciplines. Her PhD (at Ulster University, 2017) examined the experiences of male Polish prisoners incarcerated in Northern Ireland, while her LLM in Human Rights Law Master’s thesis (Queen’s University Belfast, 2004) explored the rights and the position of victims before international criminal tribunals.

In the past, she has written about youth justice, imprisonment, immigration detention and the rights and experiences of migrant workers. Her current research focuses on experiences of deportability of ‘foreign national’ prisoners in the UK. Agnieszka is currently a Steering Committee member of the Migration Working Group North West at Edge Hill University and, in the past, she was a member of the North-South Immigration Forum (Belfast/Dublin) and led on migration and asylum research as an Assistant Director of the Institute for Conflict Research in Belfast.