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Debbie Hooton

Senior Lecturer in Primary and Childhood Education (Primary Maths Subject Lead)

Primary & Childhood Education

Department: Primary & Childhood Education

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I started my career in Education as a Teaching Assistant whilst I qualified as a teacher. I worked across all primary age ranges and became the maths subject lead in my 3rd year of teaching, having previously lead geography.

I moved from the south of England to work as a numeracy consultant for a north west LEA and during that time I qualified as a PD lead for the NCETM.

I moved to Edge Hill University as a senior lecturere in 2013 and in 2018 became the maths subject lead. I am a fellow of the HEA and I also sit on the strategic board for the Abacus Maths Hub.

Research Interests

My research interests lie within mathematics.

I have studied the characteristics of mathematicians, and had a paper published in 2020.

I have a keen interest in how times tables are taught in school and whether teachers actually support children with how to learn tables and multiplicative reasoning or whether there is a culture of just testing memory skills.



Whilst teaching in primary school I taught all curriculum areas and all primary age ranges. I predominatly worked in KS1, facilitatng KS1 SATs on numerous occassions, and lower KS2, but I have also taught in EYFS and upper KS2.

Since becoming a university lecturer I have predominantly taught mathematics and professional studies.