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Clare Monaghan

BA (Hons) English

Clare Monaghan

I didn’t think I would change so noticeably as a person, but I am now so much more confident, and this is all because of studying English at Edge Hill University.

English has always been my favourite subject, my comfort. For my A Levels I studied both English Literature and English Language and loved each of them equally. When it came to University, I originally started at a different University doing a completely unrelated degree. I knew almost immediately that this was not for me and that I should have chosen to do an English degree instead.

An opportunity arose to study the BA (Hons) English degree at Edge Hill. A single honours course equally split between Language and Literature, this was exactly what I needed. I was also taken by the variety of modules that were on offer, covering loads of different topics and themes across both literature and language.

My favourite part of the course was the opportunity to tailor it to my interests and strengths through the range of optional modules available. What really blew me away was the lecturers. My experience would be completely different if the lecturers weren’t so helpful, friendly and approachable.

The lecturers pass on their enthusiasm which is impossible to ignore – they genuinely care. That enthusiasm is really what made my degree the most enjoyable that it could be. This goes for my peers too and the rest of the staff in the department. The course has exceeded my expectations.

I also benefited from some of the great trips that were available. These were not only fun, but helpful for my studies, as they offered an opportunity to engage in real life application of the course and provided more insight and evidence for assignments.

Another opportunity that the course offered was the chance to take an elective module in another subject area. I decided to take a module in French for my elective and through this I gained additional skills that were of benefit to both my degree and my future. The elective module is quite a unique and very insightful opportunity which I’d recommend exploring.

I enjoyed the focus on history and culture throughout the course. This has sparked my current career ambition to focus on going into the heritage and museum sector. I’ll soon be moving on to do the MA in Nineteenth Century Studies, while also focusing on building my work-based learning experience.