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Christopher Russell

Senior Lecturer in Primary and Childhood Education (Primary Foundation Subjects)

Primary & Childhood Education

Department: Primary & Childhood Education

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Christopher Russell is the Primary Foundation Subjects Team Leader at Edge Hill University. In addition to that role, Christopher leads Primary History at the university.

Christopher’s work, is grounded in a strong sense of identity and belonging as a key stone in developing children’s learning and understanding in Primary History. 

Another interest is Learning Outside the Classroom and the opportunities that arise from exploring other approaches to teachng history.

Christopher has been in Primary Education for 25 years as both a classroom practitioner and a Senior Lecturer in Education in Higher Education. He has co-written several books and wrote the Course reader Essential Primary History (Open University Press)

Research Interests

Christopher’s main research interests centre around Learning Outside the Classroom, The impact of Learning Outside the Classroom in terms of memory and recall and the importance of Personal Nostalgia in defining our own position.


Christopher’s teaching of Primary History revolves around establishing an idea of the Key Principles of History, as well as exploring how Aspects of History can be addressed in the classroom. Seminars look at a range of influences upon history teaching, as well as considering enquiry, interpretaton and chronological understanding.

The importance of Personal Nostalgia, and the imact this has on the ways in which we engage and interact with the world, is also considered in seminars and lectures.