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Anna Robinson

MBChB Medicine

MBChB Medicine alumni student, Anna Robinson

I love to interact with different people and always knew that I wanted a job where I was caring for people.

I love to interact with different people and always knew that I wanted a job where I was caring for people. I worked as a theatre porter in a local children’s hospital during the pandemic and was fascinated by the role of the doctor and how that fitted in to the wider health care team. Medicine is so interesting, and we get to learn about everything from anatomy to communication and safeguarding.

The facilities like the clinical skills building are great for learning. I like how small our year group is, so we get lots of support.  I also loved how beautiful the campus is and Edge Hill is close to my home in Liverpool.

I have learnt so much about anatomy and physiology. The human body and how it works is amazing

Teamwork and organisation are other great skills I have developed. I have had the opportunity to work with other students, staff, and people on placement as part of a wider team. I have also had to organise my learning outside of lecturers and make sure I can balance my personal life with my degree.

Getting to do clinical skills is my favourite thing about the degree. We get to practice examinations, venepuncture, and do ECG’s and injections.

Edge Hill focuses on widening access to Medicine. I think it is so important that doctors represent the communities they’re serving.

I awarded a scholarship from Edge Hill for volunteering with a charity called Safe Families. Safe Families focuses on providing respite support and empowerment to families in difficult situations. I have a strong relationship with a family who have had a tough time. I have been involved for over 3 years and they have become like family. I love to take the 3 children swimming, baking and to play in the park.

I am passionate about social justice and feel that everyone should have equal access to opportunities. I’m so lucky to have an amazing family and community so I want to be able to help to give that to other people.

My advice would be go for it, you can do it. You have to work hard but it is so worth it and it’s a privilege to study Medicine. I’m really glad that I chose this degree and career path.