Researchers investigating legality of detention in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

  Law researchers are investigating whether Israel is contravening international law by detaining Palestinians without trial. Academics at Edge Hill University are finalising research into the administrative detention of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. The team visited Palestine and interviewed Palestinians formally held by the Israeli authorities under […]

‘Unmarried and childless women struggle to find their place in society’ research reveals

  ‘Unmarried women and those who never have children struggle to find their place in society’ new research from an Edge Hill University academic reveals. Interviews with women over 50 who have never married and/or never had children, found they often faced a battle for status and identity compared with married women and mothers. Edge […]

University delivering £400,000 of cutting edge European research

Edge Hill University is taking part in a cutting edge project by Europe’s biggest research and innovation programme promising breakthroughs and world firsts. The University’s Department of Computer Science is delivering a £400,000 work package, part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project, exploring the quality of open source computer software. Open source software includes […]