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Our business development team have a depth of sector specific experience and will consider your individual business needs to ensure you receive the best support and opportunities to meet your needs.

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Professor Simon Bolton

Professor Simon Bolton

Disruptive, insight driven innovation

Professor Simon Bolton is an internationally acclaimed designer and innovation specialist working with the world’s top brands. Simon has many years of experience as a global thought leader for Proctor & Gamble focusing on ‘disruptive insight driven innovation’ helping them to successfully unlock hidden innovation opportunities in European and Asian markets. Prior to this role, he has over 20 years’ experience of helping worldwide organisations and brands including the BBC, BSkyB, Hyundai and Nokia to enhance their customer insight and innovation capabilities.

Dr Ukuf Alpsahin Cullen

Business model innovation

Dr Ufuk Alpsahin Cullen is an expert in industrial engineering, optimising complex business processes and systems by developing, improving and implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information and equipment.

Dr Ufuk Alpsahin Cullen

Prof. Marcello Trovati

Deep learning and insight from data

Prof. Marcello Trovati is a Professor of Computer Science, who has spent many years in both academia and industry, including IBM. Marcello’s research specialism is in big data science, unlocking the potential insights data can hold to drive key decision-making. Marcello’s expertise extends across mathematical modelling, data and text mining.

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