Ariel view of the Edge Hill Arts centre building

Access Information for visitors

We aim to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience at the Arts Centre for all customers.

Visiting Us

The Arts Centre is based on Edge Hill University campus, Ormskirk.

The campus map below shows where the Arts Centre is based.

When attending a performance at the Arts Centre, please use the visitors entrance.

Parking is free.  As you are an Arts Centre customer, you will not require a parking permit as stated on the signage.

Campus map with highlighted parking


Parking for those with disabilities

We have additional parking for customers with disabilities closer to the Arts Centre.  Please contact the Box office staff  who are always happy to help and can advise you on parking and help you with any access or other questions you may have.
Box Office: 01695 584480
Email: [email protected]

Access to the Arts Centre building

The Arts Centre houses two theatres – the Rose and the Studio theatre, the Red bar and also the performing arts department.

Entrance to the Arts Centre is at ground level. The Box Office is located directly opposite the Arts Centre red building main entrance. Please do notify staff at the desk should you have any special requirements so we can best facilitate your visit to our venue.

The Rose Theatre

Facing the box office, the Rose Theatre is located to your right by the Red Bar and informal seating area.

The main entrance to the Rose Theatre is located on the ground floor directly opposite the Red Bar through two sets of double doors.

Wheelchair users and those with assistance dogs have the option of having priority access – please notify the box office when you arrive if you would like to exercise this option.

There are two back entrances to the Rose Theatre on the mezzanine floor, accessible by a short flight of stairs The back entrances are normally used for late-comers and lead to the back row of the banked seating.

Ushers will assist those who may need to use the back entrance to the theatre. If you cannot  use stairs,  you will be able to access the Rose via the ground floor level.

The Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre is located in the Performing Arts foyer.

Facing the box office, take corridor to your left and at the end of the corridor is the performing arts foyer and the Studio Theatre.

Primary Access to the Studio Theatre is through two sets of double doors at ground floor level.

Wheelchair users have the option of using the space behind the back row of banked seating in the Studio. This can be a more comfortable arrangement,  particularly for those attending a film screening.

Access to the back of the Studio Theatre is via the lift to the first floor. The lift is located opposite the main stairs in the performing arts foyer.

On exiting the lift, turn left, through the double doors, and then left again through another set of doors and then down the short corridor to the back entrance to the Studio Theatre. Ushers will be on hand to assist you.

The Red Bar

Facing the Box Office, the Red Bar is to the left and located opposite the Rose Theatre.

There is also a comfortable seating and eating area of tables and free standing chairs.


Toilets are located down the short corridor opposite the box Office and also opposite the stairs in the performing arts foyer.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located in the performing arts foyer opposite the stairs and also on the two upper floors.

Loop systems

The Arts Centre has loop systems for those with a hearing impairment.

The Rose Theatre has a loop system that requires a specific piece of equipment to access this: a receiver, battery and over the head neck loop that can be used with hearing aids. Please ensure that your hearing aid is turned to the ‘T’ setting.

These units are available from the ushers as required and returned to them at the end of the performance.

The Studio Theatre has a wired loop system that does not require specific equipment to use it, but please ensure your hearing aid is turned to the ‘T’ setting.

If you are unsure how to access a specific auditorium, space or facility please ask a member of staff – we’ll be only too happy to help!

British Sign Language

British  Sign Language Interpreted performances involve the signer standing to one side of the stage interpreting the language of the performers.  Please contact the Box Office to see this is available for your preferred performance.

Theatre seating – special requirements

Tickets for our performances are normally sold as unreserved seating. However, for those who have a mobility, hearing /sight impairment or other issue, we are always happy to put out reserved signs in advance for particular seats. Please contact the box office staff so we can facilitate your requirements for an enjoyable visit.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Box Office staff prior to your visit to discuss parking, the Arts Centre facilities, and services on offer to make your visit as comfortable as possible.