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Society needs people who understand the whole health and social care system. At Edge Hill University, you’ll learn the skills you need to work in a range of settings and develop the empathetic mindset you need to deliver effective care. Your lecturers will share their own perspectives and talk about their research on subjects like domestic abuse and inequalities.

We’ll help you find invaluable placement opportunities in the NHS, local government services, social care and the criminal justice sector. Having developed your confidence in the sector, you’ll be ready to take on a range of roles or move on to further study for clinical and non-clinical careers.

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The Virtual Offer Holder Day is your chance to connect with someone who can answer your questions about health and social care at Edge Hill University. No question is too big or small. Whether you want to find out about your module options or discuss your future at Edge Hill. We are on hand to help.


Health and social care is part of Edge Hill University’s Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine.

The faculty building provides access to leading education, facilities and training for health and social care professions. The outstanding teaching and learning resources include leading clinical skills facilities (as well as those in our dedicated Clinical Skills and Simulation building), an 860-seat lecture theatre, and a variety of teaching rooms and social learning spaces.

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Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

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Join a group chat with our current students from your subject area. Chat to our students and connect with some of the other applicants with an offer to study at Edge Hill this year.


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Immerse yourself in our campus with the virtual tour. Explore the buildings from your own home. Get a feel for our learning, living, and leisure spaces and roam the halls of our iconic buildings.

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