S.J. Fowler is a poet and visual artist who works across modernist and avant-garde traditions. He is the curator of The Enemies project, which has led to collaborations between hundreds of poets from across the world. S.J. Fowler is a Lecturer at Kingston University in England and he also teaches for The Poetry School in London, where he lives.

In his piece of poetics included in our anthology Fowler writes:

‘My poetics are a self-centred exploration of inevitably unanswerable questions through trial and error, hypothesising, aiding, and opposing towards nothing but more of the same.’

Poetics, Atlantic Drift

Fowler’s poetics might be better called an ‘anti-poetics’. He questions the validity and necessity of poetics, revealing a ‘suspicion’ and a ‘resistance’ to ‘analyse’.

‘When asked about a boat one is using to sail should we speak about the boat, the water or the act of sailing? Poetics are the boat, which doesn’t matter too much to me as long as I’m not sinking (which is quite feasible).’

Poetics, Atlantic Drift

He has published several poetry collections, including his most recent title The Guide to Being Bear Aware (Shearsman, 2017). Previous books include Enthusiasm (Test Centre, 2015) and The Rottweiller’s guide to the Dog (Eyewear, 2014).

Watch the video below of our exclusive interview with SJ Fowler back in February this year.



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