Sophie Collins


Sophie Collins grew up in North Holland and now lives in Edinburgh, where she is co-editor of tender, an online journal promoting work by female-identified writers and artists; and editor of Currently & Emotion, an anthology of contemporary poetry translations. In an interview with Maya Caspari published for the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) website in London, where Collins is an Associate poet, she talks about her writing process and how it has developed over the years:

“Writing well seems to be about learning what you like in more detail and developing a fiercer conviction. In this sense you are the only reader that matters. You slowly dismantle received ideas of what good writing looks like, find the writers you admire and become confident with what you (want to) make.”

– Poetry, Feminism and the Politics of Translation: An Interview with Sophie Collins

Her work has been previously published by Penguin, and has appeared in magazines, anthologies, newspapers and art books. Collins won an Eric Gregory Award in 2014 and is currently working as an artist-in-residence at Glasgow Women’s Library, where she is researching and writing a text on self-expression, self-help and shame; this work called small white monkeys will be published by Book Works at the end of 2017.

Sophie Collins is one of the poets included in Atlantic Drift who will be performing at our Launch in Edinburgh International Book Fest. To find out more information on the launch and the Book Fest please visit our events page at


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