Scenes from the Revolution Podcast!

“As they launch their book, Scenes from the Revolution: Making Political Theatre 1968-2018, Kim and Billy discuss the history, legacy and continuing relevance of political theatre in the 21st century.” Listen below to a podcast featuring Kim Wilshire and Billy Cowan, talking political theatre! Alternatively, listen here:

Queer Theatre

The fifth section of the book is… Queer Theatre! Billy Cowan, award-winning playwright and Artistic Director, introduces this chapter by discussing the origins of gay political theatre, with an emphasis on the work of playwright and activist Noël Greig, and his time with the company General Will. Billy takes a reflective look back over the work […]

Theatre in Education

The third section of the book is… Theatre in Education! Anthony Jackson, the Emeritus Professor of Educational Theatre at Manchester University, introduces this chapter by highlighting the origins of ‘Theatre in Education’. Jackson introduces us to a theatre company now known as Theatre Workshop – a ensemble creating radical post war theatre – and a number […]

Working-Class Theatre

The second section of the book is… Working-class Theatre! Within this section, Kim Wiltshire states that there is a lot of overlap between agitprop theatre and working-class theatre — those whom made (or currently make) agitation theatre often aligned themselves with working-class struggles, and could therefore fall into both categories.  So, what makes these two […]

Atlantic Drift Launch Event at London Review Bookshop

On the 5th February 2018, the Edge Hill University Press team travelled to London Review Bookshop for the launch of our most recent publication Atlantic Drift: An Anthology of Poetry and Poetics. With special readings from Sophie Collins, Andrea Brady and John James, three of the poets featured in the anthology. And introductions given by […]

D. S. Marriott

D. S. Marriott is a poet, critic and teacher born in Nottingham in 1963. He was educated at the University of Sussex, where he also received his PhD in literature. He currently lives in California and teaches at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Marriott has published a number of collections of poetry, as well […]

Erín Moure

Erín Moure is a poet, translator and essayist born in 1955 in Calgary, Canada. She currently lives in Montreal, Canada. In 1975 Moure spent a year at the University of British Columbia studying philosophy, before she began working at Via Rail Canada where she continued to write poetry and learnt to speak French. It was […]