Scenes From The Revolution: Making Political Theatre 1968-2018

Scenes From the Revolution: Making Political Theatre 1968-2018 is Edge Hill University Press’ third publication. Edited by Kim Wiltshire and Billy Cowan, this book was published in partnership with Pluto Press in the autumn of 2018.

‘This is an indispensable archive of resistant performance practice, combining memoir, dramatic and critical writing. Wiltshire, Cowan, and their collaborators confront Project Austerity’s culture of contempt and despair by recovering and asserting British theatre’s history of critical refusal’
Victor Merriman, Professor of Critical Performance Studies, Edge Hill University

‘Believe that 1960s theatre making is dead duck pass? Reader, best start re-thinking. Editor/authors Kim Wiltshire and Billy Cowan forge an original and powerfully mind-bending take across 50 years of radicalised performing. Essential territory for driving future performance toward politicised hope’
– Baz Kershaw, Emeritus Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Warwick

Political theatre thrives on turbulence. By turning the political issues of the day into a potent, dramatic art form, practitioners hold up a mirror to our society – with the power to shock, discomfit and entertain.

Scenes from the Revolution is a celebration of fifty years of political theatre in Britain. Including ‘lost’ scripts from companies such as Broadside Mobile Workers Theatre, The Women’s Theatre Group and General Will, with incisive commentary from contemporary political theatre makers, the book asks the essential questions: What can be learnt from our rich history of political theatre? And how might contemporary practitioners apply these approaches to our current politically troubled world?

Beginning with a short history of pre-1968 political theatre – covering Brecht, Joan Littlewood and Ewan McColl – the editors move on to explore agit-prop, working-class theatre, Theatre in Education, theatre and race, women’s theatre and LGBTQ theatre. Featuring many of the leading voices in the field, then and now, Scenes from the Revolution is a must-read for anyone interested in politics in the arts.


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