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  • 7th February 1882

    On 7 February 1882 seven Liverpool businessmen and philanthropists – Alexander Balfour, Thomas Matheson, Samuel Smith, William Crosfield, W P Sinclair, S McDairmid and S G Rathbone – founded Edge Hill College.
    A large house on Durning Road in the Edge Hill district of Liverpool was adapted and formally opened on 24 January 1885, welcoming 41 new students.
  • Sarah Jane Yelf

    Sarah Jane Yelf was appointed as the College’s first Principal, with the intention of producing ‘a superior class of Elementary School Mistresses’.
  • Sarah Jane Hale

    Sarah Jane Hale, took over as principal just as the College began to grow. The premises were enlarged in 1903 when a new wing, including three new classrooms, two laboratories and a gymnasium, was opened. By 1905, student numbers had risen to 160.
  • The end of an era

    Miss Hale died in 1920, and by the end of her tenure, the College had come a long way. It had trained 2,071 girls of whom 213 were Head Mistresses, 178 First Assistants, and 30 science mistresses