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Taking care of yourself

It’s completely normal to feel stressed by the pressure of exams and assignments.

With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 top tips for looking after your physical and mental health:

Create a calming environment – a calming environment can help you to stay focused while studying as well as improve your well-being. Check out what interior therapist Roynon has to say about the topic, as well as her top tips for decluttering. A clear space helps with a clearer mind. We have also put together our top tips for studying and exam preparation if you need some inspiration.

Take a break – allow yourself to really relax every now and then, you deserve it. This article from Save the Student lists 19 free or budget-friendly self-care activities.

Listen to a podcast – one recommended by students is ‘The Happiness Half Hour’. The hosts discuss how to hack your happiness by using simple strategies proven by science! You can listen to it on the BBC Sounds website.

Get moving – if you want to get moving more, but you have too much on your watchlist, check out ‘Netflex and Sweat’. It’s a Chrome extension which will coach you through simple bodyweight exercises in the corner of your screen.

Check in with your thoughts – take time to check in with yourself to figure out your recent thoughts and feelings. Dr Radha shares her top tips on how we can keep our minds and bodies healthy, along with some questions to help us identify our situation.

Sign up to Togetherall – as an EHU student, you have free access to Togetherall which is a safe online community to support your mental health. Visit to find out more.

Eat well – did you know that your diet can affect your mental wellbeing? This article explains how the food you eat can affect your mental health and offers tips on how you can improve it.

Stay mindful – the BBC has launched a toolkit for the mind called ‘Headroom’ where they have pulled together resources such as mindful tips and mood mixes. They have some great stuff, check it out here.

Get enough sleep – ensuring we have enough sleep allows us to manage any negative thoughts and emotions, as well as providing us with the energy to tackle anything. Check out these tips that may help you improve your sleep.

Get some fresh air – have you ever tried out a mindful walk? It’s where you meditate while on a walk! Try this meditation next time you take a stroll.

The Wellbeing team are also on hand if you need support and they also have a wide range of self-help resources available on their webpage.

March 24, 2023


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