Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Summer is finally here – longer days, shorter nights, & colder drinks! As you enjoy your time off, we wanted to share 5 helpful tips on how to have a more sustainable summer:

1. GYO – Grow your own & Help Pollinators

Vegetable, greens and lentilsSpruce up your front or back garden by planting some fruits, vegetables or even flowers! You can go to a local plant nursery to pick out some plants you’d like to see in full bloom in your very own garden.

Our pollinators are extremely important to the success of our environment, we can all pitch in to do our part to make sure they are on this earth forever. One way you can do this is by consciously planting pollinator plants.

Shop local…
Go to your local farmers market or greengrocers for produce instead of larger chain grocery stores to support local communities & reduce the carbon footprint of your food.

2. Fresh Air & Travel

Avoid hopping on an airplane!
If you want/ need to go somewhere, opt for walking or riding your bike instead of driving/ flying & take advantage of the nice weather – don’t forget your mask!

Flying has quite a devastating impact on the environment given the high carbon emissions for fuelling a plane. Luckily there are many alternatives to take a wonderful summer trip without increasing your own carbon footprint! Alternatives to flying while still covering large distances include traveling by train, bus or renting an electric or eco-friendly car for a road trip.

Stagecoach coach driving through a town

More sustainable travel solutions:


Another way to freshen the air around you…
Trying to air out your laundry instead of using a dryer – line dry your clothes in the sun – for your clothes & your mind!

3. Natural Light & Shade

Take advantage of natural light – turn the lights off during the day & open the curtains!

Tree planting

When you’re outside please don’t forget to opt for non-toxic sun cream – better for you & the planet.

Plant a tree or use natural shade when you’re outside to reduce your chance of dehydration & improve your wellbeing in the process (& the environments!) – future summers will be a lot cooler with the nice shade it will provide!

4. Staying Hydrated & Cooling Off

Two metal water bottles, one blue one silverAs the temperatures heat up it grows more important to stay hydrated throughout the day! Instead of wasting money purchasing plastic water bottles, get your own reusable bottle to reuse repeatedly. If you get one that holds hot beverages for that extra caffeine pick me up during the day some coffee shops offer discounts when you bring your own cup!

Cooling off…
Whenever possible, turn off the AC & open the windows to get some fresh air. To turn down the heat even further with added health benefits, you could try a cold shower too! Find more info from the Ice Man himself, Wim Hof.

5. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Now’s the perfect time to repurpose the contents of your wardrobe, storage or even upcycle furniture with the long warmer evenings to encourage you to be creative.

We’ve put together more information as part of The Big Campus Clear-out to help support your recycling journey.

6. Volunteer (Bonus tip!)

For the eagle eyed among you would have spotted that we’ve snuck this tip in as we thought it was too important to leave off the list.
There are always opportunities to help a local community wherever you are. It not only helps great causes but also provides a platform to develop your network & skills.

  • SustainNET our University sustainable network has a variety of associated partners, with some providing opportunities in the local region.
  • Edge Hill University has its own career network with multiple volunteering opportunities check them out.
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