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Switch off all non-essential appliances from the plug to reduce energy consumption. Here are a few things to consider when switching things off:

  • Always check with the pc user at assigned desks before you switch it off as they may be working remotely
  • Fridges/ freezers must be emptied and defrosted before switching off.
  • MFD’s shouldn’t be switched off as they must be connected to the network, but they do automatically go into sleep mode
  • Lots of things can be switched off at the wall as they consume energy in standby mode, such as projectors, laptops and chargers, but if you’re unsure then don’t hesitate to contact sustainability@edgehill.ac.uk

Windows and heating

Be sure to close all windows before leaving the office as heating can use an incredibly high amount of energy to compensate for the loss of heat.

You will need need to turn down heating controls to the lowest required settings and make sure air conditioning units are off. Whilst at home try to wear an extra layer to reduce the need for increased heating.

Sustainable gifts and wrapping

Try thinking of practical gifts that are made from recycled/ recyclable materials and have been ethically sourced. You have the power to choose a more sustainable and ethical option, shaping the world through your pocket. It could even be something homemade, baked or designed online as time is often the most underrated gift of all!

When wrapping why not get creative? Think brown recyclable paper, natural yarns and repurposing boxes, or jars to create something aesthetically pleasing.


One of the least thought of tips for a most sustainable approach, resolutions! Creating cultural change is often tough but with enough perseverance we all have the ability to create a positive impact, leaving the world in a better place than when we arrived. Making just one small commitment to consider your footprint can go a long way and we hope that you can share yours on our Twitter (@SustainableEHU) to encourage more to get involved.

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