What Happens If I Let You Know?

Let Us KnowOnce the referral form is completed, it is received by the Wellbeing Team at Edge Hill and reviewed during office hours. Based on the information contained in the form, the Team will make a decision on what to do.

If you have let us know about another student, those actions might include:

  • Sending the student information about the Wellbeing Team and encouraging them to make appointment.
  • Inviting the student to a wellbeing appointment.
  • Asking the Campus Support Team to visit the student’s accommodation to check if they are OK.

If you, or the person you are concerned about, want to take up the offer of support, they can attend a wellbeing appointment where they can talk about their issues and create an action plan to ensure they get the support they need during their time at Edge Hill. You can find further information about the Wellbeing Team here.

If you have let us know about issues you are personally having, we will contact you by the method you have chosen within two working days to offer you wellbeing support. The support we give will depend on you and your circumstances – have a look at our Wellbeing pages for more information about this. If we believe that you are at risk in any way we may share your information with services who can help you.

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