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What happens after I’ve filled in the form?

Once the referral form is completed, it is received by the Wellbeing Team at Edge Hill and reviewed during office hours. Based on the information contained in the form, the Team will make a decision on what to do.
If you have let us know about another student, those actions might include:

  • Sending the student information about the Wellbeing Team and encouraging them to make an appointment.
  • Inviting the student to a wellbeing appointment.
  • Asking the Campus Support Team to visit the student’s accommodation to check if they are OK.

If you, or the person you are concerned about, want to take up the offer of support, they can attend a wellbeing appointment where they can talk about their issues and create an action plan to ensure they get the support they need during their time at Edge Hill. You can find further information about the Wellbeing Team here.
If you have let us know about issues you are personally having, we will contact you by the method you have chosen within two working days to offer you wellbeing support. The support we give will depend on you and your circumstances – have a look at our Wellbeing pages for more information about this. If we believe that you are at risk in any way we may share your information with services who can help you.

Will I find out the outcome?

No. Due to confidentiality and data protection we are unable to share information regarding the outcome – please be assured that the student will be contacted and the appropriate action will be taken.

I’ve let you know before but I’m still worried – should I do it again?

Yes. If you still feel concerned please do fill in the form again – it is important that we have as much information as possible so if you feel someone still needs support please do let us know. It really doesn’t matter how many times you do this, the important thing is that you do. Similarly, if you have any new or different information please let us know about that too.

Will I be contacted after I’ve let you know?

If you have provided your contact details and we need more information then yes, we will contact you. However, if we feel we have enough information then no, we won’t.

I’ve let you know – has anything happened?

Please be assured that every referral will be responded to. It may be that something is happening in the background and so it’s not obvious what is being done. Please remember that students have freedom of choice and, unless they are a harm to themselves or others, it is their choice whether or not they wish to engage with support. However, if you are still concerned, please do not hesitate to fill in the referral form again.

Can I let you know about someone anonymously?

Yes. You can leave that part of the form blank.

What can I let you know about?

Some examples of concerns you might have about others or about yourself:

  • Feeling isolated in accommodation (e.g. never leaving the room or not mixing with others)
  • Struggling with university or life in general
  • Self-harm
  • Struggling with mental health
  • Abusive relationship
  • Someone whose behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Excessively drinking and/or taking drugs
  • Personal hygiene or appearance has deteriorated

I’m not sure if I should let you know. What else can I do?

You can speak with the person you are worried about (you can find advice on how to do that on our How Can I Help Others page) or you can contact our wellbeing team to discuss it further and gain some advice from them via [email protected] If the worry is about yourself take a look at our wellbeing pages as this may help you decide if you want to access the service.

Do I have to fill in the form?

No. You can contact the wellbeing team by email: [email protected]

I know my friend won’t engage with support – should I still let you know?

Yes. We often find that people who don’t engage straight away may choose to do this at a later date and then they have the information on hand to do so.

What happens if I choose not to let you know?

A lot of people are scared to admit they are having problems and to take the first step to getting support. If you don’t let us know we will be unable to offer support to you or anyone you are concerned about. You can always let us know at a later date if you change your mind.

I’m not a student – can I let you know about someone?

If the person is a student, yes you can let us know.

I’m not sure if the person I’m concerned about is a student – can I let you know?

Yes. If you give us as many details as possible (e.g. name, address, reason you think they are a student) we will try our best to ascertain if they are a student or not.

The person I’m concerned about is not a student – can I let you know?

No. If you have any concerns about a member of the public, contact the police on the non-urgent number 101 or if you believe someone is in immediate danger ring 999.

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