What Can I Let You Know About?

Let Us KnowYou can let us know if you are worried about another student at Edge Hill and you can also fill in the form for yourself if you would personally like help from our Wellbeing Team.

Some examples of concerns you might have about others or about yourself:

  • Feeling isolated in accommodation (e.g. never leaving the room or not mixing with others)
  • Struggling with university or life in general
  • Self-harm
  • Struggling with mental health
  • Abusive relationship
  • Someone whose behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Excessively drinking and/or taking drugs
  • Personal hygiene or appearance has deteriorated

Why should I let you know?

Edge Hill is a caring community where the wellbeing of students is everyone’s responsibility. While we do not think that students should be responsible for diagnosing or treating other students in any way, we do encourage members of our community to let someone know if they have any concerns about someone else. We do this because often nobody sees it as their responsibility and believes that someone else will flag an issue. The problem with this way of thinking is that when everyone thinks this way, sometimes people do not receive the help they need.

When it comes to wellbeing and mental health, the earlier something can be responded to, the better, whether that be for yourself or for others. As with physical illnesses, if an issue is left untreated then things can deteriorate, so early intervention is very important.

If possible, it is better to tell someone that you are concerned about them and signpost them to the Wellbeing Team, or use this form to access those services yourself. In some circumstances we know that this will not be easy and that is why we have created this form for those that, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable addressing these concerns in person.

If you would like advice on how to speak to someone about any concerns you might have about them, you can find that in the ‘How can I help others’ section.

If you would like advice about how to access self-help for yourself, please visit our Wellbeing pages.

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