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Student Services have moved
Student Services have moved to their new home in Catalyst (Counselling and GP services will continue to operate out of Milton House). You can visit the Catalyst Helpdesk with any queries, or get in touch with us.

About Staff Counselling at Edge Hill

Edge Hill provides counselling for all its staff free of charge. The Counselling Team is experienced in working with issues, both work and home related, that can affect staff, and is able to offer a high level of expertise in short-term therapeutic approaches. Counselling is part of Wellbeing in Student Services and the team are based in Catalyst and Milton House.

Edge Hill funds up to six sessions of counselling for any member of staff regardless of whether the issue is work related or not.  Staff can self-refer or be referred by their Manager, Occupational Health or Human Resources.

Counselling provides an impartial and non-judgemental service to staff whilst also having insight and expertise about the issues that workers are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.  In the usual course of events the fact that a staff member is attending for counselling and why, is kept completely confidential, within the counselling team.  However, as there are some rare exceptions to this the Confidentiality and Record Keeping Policy is discussed with every client before they begin the counselling process.

Appointments – Appointments can be made by telephone or email using contact details below. Early morning/evening appointments are available upon request.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy provides information on its website to help individuals understand what counselling is, including information about the process of therapy and what you might expect from therapy. Please click on the link to access the information.

We are an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice.  Copies of the Ethical Framework are available from our Receptionist or can be emailed to you on request.

Contact details: Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Centre,
Milton House, 41 Ruff Lane, Ormskirk, L39 4QX.
T:  01695 650988 (ext 7988)  E:

How can counselling help staff?

How can counselling help staff?

Q. What can counselling help with?
A. Staff members have told us that counselling has helped with many issues affecting home and work.  This may include help with:-

  • Managing stress at work
  • Dealing with conflicts at work
  • Seeking impartial support following an absence from work
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Personal matters relating to health, making life decisions or considering some future action
  • An unresolved issue from the past.

Sometimes there is not one event but more an accumulation of issues over time. This may leave you feeling exhausted, generally low, anxious or under-confident without understanding why.

Q. How can counselling help?

A. A counsellor is trained to help clients explore what is going on for them and to work towards alternative ways of handling the situation.  These alternatives may include finding a solution, making decisions and exploring new ways of coping.

Edge Hill staff members have told us that counselling has helped them in the following ways:

“It helped me to move forward with confidence”
“I now longer put myself down like I used to”
“I generally feel less depressed and both home and work life is better”

Q. How can I make an appointment?

A. You can make an appointment by either by telephone 01695 650988 (x7988) or by email

Q. How many sessions can I have?

A. You will be offered 6 one to one sessions, these will normally be reviewed toward the end of your sessions and further sessions can be requested if required.

Q. Will my Manager/HR/GP be told that I am receiving counselling?

A. Normally, no one else will be informed that you are coming for counselling and it is not entered into your staff or medical records.

Q. Is everything confidential?

A. Normally, yes.  Although there are some rare exceptions to this and you will be given a leaflet that outlines our record-keeping and confidentiality at the beginning of your first session.

Self Help

  • Please visit the A-Z of Wellbeing pages on the wiki for more information about the services on offer via HR.
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