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A-Z of Living in Halls

It may feel overwhelming when you first move into halls, but remember that many people will be feeling the same way as you. You will soon find out who has the untidiest room, who never does their washing up and who is always staying out late! To make the most of your time in halls, take a look at the A-Z of Living in Halls for key information and advice.

Read the A-Z of Living in Halls here.

Join your Halls Facebook Group

If you have received your room offer, you can now join your official Halls Facebook group. There are separate groups for all the halls so you can meet and chat to the people you’ll be living with on campus. Visit the links below to join your group.

Here are a few handy tips to help you settle in and feel at home:

  • Get to know your flatmates by completing the Halls Headstart poster in your kitchen. Organise rotas, celebrate birthdays and find out more about each other!

  • Don’t forget, everyone is in the same boat, so don’t be shy and make sure you spend time in the communal areas rather than in your room with the door shut!
  • Join your Halls Facebook group to find out who else is living in your halls and about key events taking place on campus or important messages about life in halls.
  • Label your belongings in the kitchen (and the stuff in your room). If it’s not got your name on it, it might just find its way into someone else’s kitchen cupboard or room…
  • Save money by shopping and cooking with the people in your cluster.
  • Try to agree with your flatmates on a rota for buying essentials such as milk and bread, or even devise a washing-up rota.

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All residential students are required to view a Welcome Talk when they start at Edge Hill.

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