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Worrying changes nothing, talking changes everything

March 27th, 11:00am – 2:00pm in the HUB

Edge Hill University staff and students are supporting the Time to Change programme, through signing a pledge to actively help to end discrimination against mental illness.  Our pledge includes a collaborative programme of initiatives to raise awareness and to enhance the mental well-being of our students and staff.  Signing of the pledge will coincide with a Mental Health Awareness day hosted by the Students’ Union, Student Services, academic departments, the Staff Wellbeing Team, FM and Edge Sport on the 27th of March in the HUB.   The event is entitled ‘Worrying changes nothing, Talking changes everything’ and signing the Time to Change pledge is the highlight and focal point of the event, since it reflects our ongoing commitment to help raise awareness of mental well-being.

Students have many worries including being anxious about:aniety2

  • exams
  • completing dissertations
  • financial concerns                                    
  • student lifepapyrus
  • body shape
  • graduating
  • getting a job

Whatever the concern worrying will not change it.  However, if people are willing to talk about concerns that is the first step to creating change.  Talking allows people to access information, activities and resources for starting that change.  On March 27 in the HUB 11am-2pm, there will be workshops, activites and information about student and staff concerns and methods for easing anxieties.  This will include head massages, reflexology, physical training equipment, and much more.  The Papyrus workshop will run on the day, 2-3pm.  It is important to get booked now as there are liimited places available. Click on this poster and sign up today: Papyrus workshop

This is your chance to get involved, why not be part of Edge University’s signing of the Time to Change pledge and help to end discrimination against mental illness.  Remember:  Worrying changes nothing, Talking changes everything.